Spring Fling

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Thank you to our sponsors for making this evening possible.

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Elementary Mystery History

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Montessori School of Greater Hartford Elementary Mystery History


The children, faculty, and administration of the Montessori School of Greater Hartford (MSGH) gathered to honor the International Day of Peace (September 21).


Last Thursday, September 15, the Montessori School of Greater Hartford hosted Dr. Susan Averna, Ph.D., for an inspiring presentation entitled Building Resilient Families.


Moving On Ceremony!

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The Montessori School of Greater Hartford held its Moving On Ceremony, on Friday, June 13, at the Universalist Church in West Hartford. The seven 6th Grade students gave speeches, to the gathered parent and student body, reflecting on their Montessori experiences.


The Elementary and Primary Students of the Montessori School of Greater Hartford put on a show of galactic proportion during their Martianssori Play at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, on Friday evening. The original play, written by Keri Maijala, described the journey of students from Mars traveling to Earth to research Earthlings for a Martianssori School assignment. The Martians encounter many surprises on our planet, they learn about the shortcomings of humankind, as well as the beauties of the planet and Earth’s inhabitants. When the Martians encounter Montessori Students, who show them their school and how they get to learn, a group decides to stay and live on Earth. The performance’s message was that of cooperation, peace, and knowing oneself no matter how far your journey may take you from home.


As the Montessori School of Greater Hartford (MSGH) sits on the cusp of its 50th year serving the Hartford community, it will have one more reason to celebrate. In addition to its existing Toddler, Primary, & Elementary programs, it will offer an Adolescent program beginning fall 2014. This past January, the Boards of Trustees of the Montessori School of Greater Hartford’s (MSGH) and the Litchfield Montessori School (LMS) announced to their families the transference of the administrative structure of the Montessori Middle School at Millstream Farm to MSGH. The bucolic, 30 acre setting at Millstream Farm will provide the optimal environment for MSGH’s rigorous land-based Montessori curriculum which is an interdisciplinary approach, tied to the local natural and socio-cultural environment. This program is carefully designed to specifically engage and challenge the adolescent as academic work is initiated through real and meaningful experience and work in the land based environment. Millstream Teacher, Caren Ross, noted, “We are thrilled to be become part of the Montessori School of Greater Hartford. The strength and leadership of this dynamic school will attract students from a wide community.” MSGH’s adolescent program will be a model of a “school of the future,” providing students a global education through a land-based integrated curriculum. In addition to the coursework, this program builds entrepreneurial skills as students manage their own business and micro-economy. Concurrently, they develop environmental expertise as they run an organic farm and monitor area water sources. The work includes all conventional, academic subject areas including Algebra, Chemistry, Biology, History, Language Arts, Physics, Geometry, and Spanish fluency. Subjects are presented in a way that is meaningful and immediately applicable to the environment, while demanding critical thinking, problem-solving and great personal responsibly. This announcement heralds the long awaited opportunity for MSGH to provide its families an authentic Montessori education from Toddler through Adolescence. MSGH Head of School, Úna Barry, offers, “Our families have consistently requested that we provide a Montessori option for their adolescent children on completing our Elementary program. We are delighted, that we are able to honor that request in the best possible way with the addition of the Millstream Farm Adolescent program. This program is designed with a truly clear understanding of the unique needs of the adolescent. It provides challenge and true engagement. In this program we can provide the optimal environment for children that will be both academically challenging and in line with the developmental needs of the adolescent.” The Montessori School of Greater Hartford is recognized by Association Montessori Internationale and is a member of the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools. To learn more about MSGH programming, including the Adolescent program, please contact the Director of Admissions, Mary McHale or visit www.msgh.org.


Our wonderful Toddler Teachers lead a Saturday session for Toddler Parents. The presentation focused on toddler self-development. The topics spanned from weaning from breast or bottle feeding, toilet learning, separation anxiety and sleep.


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