On Friday, May 11, parents, staff, grandparents, alumni and friends gathered at The Riverview in Simsbury to support MSGH’s Art of Learning Annual Gala Auction.


On Friday, May 4, the Elementary students presented Time Warp—an MSGH Excellent Adventure. This year, they were joined for the first time by our third and fourth-year Primary children, who supported the Antarctica scene by donning penguin suits and doing the penguin shuffle. Does it get any cuter?



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Thank you to everyone for sharing in the 2nd Annual Heart of Montessori. This year’s theme was Cirque du Montessori and immersed children and families alike in the French-Circus tradition.


Circus Week

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It was a “Big Top” week for MSGH students when the 2011-2012 Visiting Artist Series continued with a visit from Troy Wunderle of Wunderle’s Big Top Adventures.


The Salmon Eggs Have Arrived

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For the past seven years, MSGH elementary students have been hatching salmon eggs as part of their biology curriculum. On Thursday, January 12, this year’s batch arrived!


On Thursday, December 22, the MSGH community gathered for its annual Winter Sing-Along. Enjoy some photos!


Many of us remember the thrill of participating in a spelling bee or similar “bee” when we were young. See what is buzzing these days in our MSGH classrooms.


Una's Chat-December 2011

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Una Barry shares her thoughts on why failure might be the secret to success.