Montessori Education Week

By kfenn on 02.26.2013 / School Press

The membership of Montessori Schools of Connecticut (MSC) will join more than 5,000 public and independent Montessori schools across the nation and around the world, for the week long observance and celebration of Montessori Education Week, February 27 through March 2.


Upper Elementary Sledding

By kfenn on 02.15.2013 / School Notes

Upper Elementary enjoyed the spring like weather with the bonus of snowy conditions! Even Administrators and Teachers couldn't resist taking a few runs with the sleds.



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The exploration of the arts, music, language, and learning


First days back!

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Recording begins!

By kfenn on 12.11.2012 / School Notes

Recording for our Sing Along CD's has begun!


Let it snow!

By kfenn on 11.27.2012 / School Notes

“Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand.”- Henry David Thoreau


Full of thanks!

By kfenn on 11.21.2012 / School Notes

We are thankful!