I want to share how thrilled I am to be joining your community.  From my very first interview with the search committee to my last visit to the farm and the upper elementary classroom, I have felt comfortable and welcomed by all.  

The full day that I spent at the school for my final interview was invigorating.  I enjoyed the spontaneous conversations with the parents who came to meet me that morning.  Their love and care for the school was obvious in the questions that they asked and the concerns they shared.  I appreciated everyone's candidness and honesty.  Much of the rest of that day was spent speaking with the teachers, administrators, and Board members, and I left feeling impressed with the caliber of the group and the dedication that they have to their school.  Having the opportunity to work with as strong a team as MSGH's is a privilege that I am looking forward to.  

A week later when I visited the school for a second time, I got to spend the morning at the farm with the adolescent program and then have lunch in West Hartford with the Upper Elementary students.  If I weren't already sure that MSGH was a match for me, the time I spent with the students would have had me convinced.  They are nothing short of wonderful and are one of the primary reasons I am excited to join MSGH as Head of School.  

Throughout my interviews and discussions, the one common denominator in all of my interactions with the community members was the firm commitment to AMI education.  I will begin to expand my knowledge of AMI in February when I will attend a conference in Phoenix.  I am passionate about professional development so getting the chance to learn more about AMI is exciting to me.   

As the New Year approaches and I consider all the gifts in my life, the opportunity to move back to Connecticut and join the MSGH community as Head of School is at the top of the list. I am so grateful that I found MSGH, as it is exactly the kind of school I was hoping for.

See you all in July!

All the Best,