The MSGH Difference: Our warm, diverse community, combined with our child-centered approach to education, nurtures the wellbeing of the whole child and inspires a love of learning.

“Our children began in the toddler program, and that was the best decision we could have made. They loved coming to school each day, and we learned much about parenting and child development during those years. They are now in primary and elementary, respectively, and MSGH has not only instilled in them a love for learning, the teachers have nurtured them socially and emotionally. Our children are learning incredible content, but what we value most is that they are truly learning how to think, and they are doing so in what feels like a vibrant, international atmosphere. An MSGH education is our gift to them in their youngest years.” Scott and Amanda Aronson, Parents

“MSGH is a wonderful learning environment. The teachers help kids learn about more than just multiplication tables. It is a school that is for kids that will grow up to be not only smart people, but good people as well. My experience at MSGH helped turn me into the person that I am today: one who helps others and values working on hard tasks as a team in order to succeed. Montessori gives children the mental tools to think analytically in tough situations at an early age. It is a school that gives children what they need in order to succeed.”   

Sam Moffett attended MSGH from 1996 - 2002 (through Lower Elementary).