Sheila Caselas
Director of Finance and Human Resources
"It is wonderful to be part of MSGH. Here, everyone feels welcome, core principles are in action, we live our diversity, and the development of the whole person is important. What a great place for my son to be. I love that in my role, I get to work on the present, which will have a strong impact on our future."

Sheila joined the MSGH team in 2005 as the Director of Finance and Human Resources and brought over twenty years of experience in financial accounting and business operations in non-profit, profit, and construction environments with her.

Prior to MSGH, Sheila built upon years of experience as an accounting manager in a variety of settings, including LIIMRA international, and moved into roles that involved project accounting & fiscal management, as well as mentoring and consulting. In those positions she supported teams at both Standard Builders and the Education Connection. As a licensed esthetician with a passion for holistic wellness, Sheila also owned and operated her own company in the holistic-wellness field.

Sheila holds a BS in Accounting from Post University and has completed extensive federal fiscal and administrative compliance and cost-base accounting training.

She serves as Treasurer for the Litchfield Montessori Board of Directors and volunteer’s time regularly as a trainer for a variety of organizations. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family, reading, walking, re-designing and volunteer work.