Kathy Aldridge
Administrator and Classroom Support
"I believe in the proverb, 'The soul is healed by being with children.' Children are only capable of living in the moment; they are not hindered by past regrets or future concerns. Their enthusiasm, determination, and energy are a joy to be around. They are natural learners with an inner curiosity and a drive to experience as much as they can get their hands on. Being with them and having the privilege of supporting their development, one can’t help but feel enriched. I am very fortunate to work each day at something I love, surrounded by staff I respect."

Kathy joined the MSGH community in 1994 when her son enrolled at the school. Since that time, she has held various positions – Trustee, Classroom Assistant, Guide, Director of Development and most recently, Interim Head of School. She returns this year in an administrative capacity to lend support where needed.

Kathy received her Primary certification from the Maria Montessori Training Organisation in London, England and her Assistants to Infancy certification from The Montessori Institute in Denver, Colorado. In addition, she holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Connecticut.