Jack McArdle
Adolescent Teacher
"I love working at MSGH. I’ve worked many places, but MSGH is the place where the implementation most closely matches the mission. Everyone’s mission is the children. We always think of the good of the children first. All else is subservient to that."

One summer, back when baseball mattered, Jack, being without a mitt and left-handed, was always put in right field. Despite that, he eventually became a  middle-school student. After another half-century, he became an adolescent guide.

In between, Jack and his wife, Jacki Romano, raised two children (Montessori until high school), and Jack had a full career during the foundational days of computer networking as a certified Novell Engineer and Master Instructor (CNE, & mCNI) & Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD).

Jack taught high-school math until the first child came; once the children were gone, he went back to that first love. While running a tutoring business, Jack took a part-time math teaching position at our Adolescent Program in New Hartford. He fell in love with the whole farm program, which fits adolescents so well, finished the NAMTA AMI adolescent training in Ohio in 2014, and is now thrilled to be a full-time guide working with inspired colleagues. The idea that service to others is sustaining and joyful has been reinforced by the work.

Jack earned a B.A. degree at St. John’s College, Annapolis, MD. The college is famous for “The Great Books Program.” All freshmen simultaneously study the same original texts from the canon of Western Civilization, all sophomores the next texts in the sequence, and so on. In spring of senior year, students get to choose an elective. Jack chose Einstein’s papers on relativity - he’s been plaguing himself ever since trying to comprehend them.

Jack has run Irish Dance schools since high-school. He started the current school in Torrington decades ago in order to teach his son and a few others. Jack passed the rigorous examinations of An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha (The Irish Dancing Commission) and holds the T.C.R.G. designation. Jack is proud of the fact that the school guides the ardent dancers to championship and Worlds competition without forgetting that children are not just dancing machines.


Jack also enjoys hanging out with Jacki, family, & friends, quiet gardening, Jane Austen novels, and ice cream (especially vanilla).