Renee Lewis-Lockhart
Primary Three Teacher
"What I love about Montessori education is that it looks at the whole child. The growth and development of a child is multi-faceted, and the child benefits when in an environment that accepts that understanding."

Renee first became involved with Montessori 13 years ago when her oldest son became a student in the Primary program. Inspired by what she observed of her own son’s time in the classroom, Renee became an active parent in the community, quickly joining the MSGH team as an assistant in a Primary classroom. She often talks about how exciting it was to work with the children every day, and it fostered a drive within her to learn more about the Montessori philosophy. Five years later, Renee began the training necessary to be a Primary Teacher, and upon her graduation, she worked at the CREC Montessori Magnet School in Hartford, CT. She has been the head teacher in the Primary Three classroom for three years. 

Renee holds a BS with a concentration in Business Management from the University of Hartford and earned her AMI teaching diploma from the Montessori Training Center of New England.

Renee loves spending her time with her family. “My family is truly special to me, as my husband and each my four children each entered my life bringing about significant change that helped to evolve me into the person I am today. When and if I get a chance to myself, I enjoy reading a great book or going to the movies.”