Teresa Reynolds
Toddler Three Teacher
"Living in the moment, passionate curiosity, raw honesty, joyful beings, and that ‘every day is a new day’ are just some of the character traits that Toddlers naturally possessed and that I want to consistently have and be a part of! I'm in awe of this young age and truly appreciate the privilege of being in their company!"

Teresa has been a part of the MSGH community since 1985 and has served children and parents for over 30 years. There isn’t much here that she hasn’t done! She has been an assistant in the Primary and Elementary levels and she managed the Main Office for years as Director of Administration, playing a vital role in the overall functioning of the school. In 2009, Teresa began her training to be a toddler teacher and started MSGH’s third toddler community.

She studied at the Imus Institute College in the Philippines before emigrating to the U.S. and continued her education at Central Connecticut State University. She earned her Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) diploma from The Montessori Institute in Denver, Colorado.

In the summer of 2015, with Teresa's passion for integrating the mind and the body, she was trained by ChildLight Yoga to teach "Yoga for Babies and Toddlers" and she also completed the CrossRoads 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in September 2017.

In her spare time, she loves to read, watch the New England Patriots and UCONN basketball, and practice Bikram yoga.