We are delighted for you to join us! All classes and workshops offered have been structure to encompass the Montessori approach; creating a carefully prepared environment that suites the unique developmental needs of babies while creating a bonding experience between the child and caregiver. 

Babies will do what they need to do; eat, cry, fuss, etc. Not only is this okay, it is expected!  While attending to your baby's needs, relax into it and keep in tune with the class the best you can.  Even if you are up and walking with your baby, you will pick up valuable information.  When you feel your baby is ready to rejoin, give it a try.  If they are not ready, keep doing what is best for your baby. This is especially true for the first class when everything is new to the little ones. The bond between you and your little one is the key aspect of all the classes and as they continue to attend, they are sure to settle in more. All classes are baby-parent friendly class.

For more information on these workshops, please contact MSGH Outreach Coordinator, Toko Odorczuk at TokoO@msgh.org