Young children acquire language with ease, absorbing sounds, meanings and structure simply by listening and using language in context. At MSGH we use that power to support our children in aquiring an additional language.

MSGH has made a commitment to hire only native Spanish speakers for our Spanish language program.  Our native Spanish speaking staff brings with them the added benefit of their respective cultures; in our case, the cultures of Peru, Colombia, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.  They are charged to speak Spanish at all times in the school.

Beginning with the Toddler program, children learn Spanish in the most natural, most effective way possible: by hearing Spanish, conversing in it, and using it to go about their daily work in the classroom. 

Our Toddler children are fully immersed in a dual-language environment. Our Toddler teachers speak only English to the children and our assistants speak only Spanish. Before long, the children naturally respond to requests and instructions from the assistant and try out new words and sounds.

Our AMI-Montessori-trained Spanish teacher is a presence in the life of our school community. She visits our Primary and Elementary classrooms daily. Many of the classroom’s Montessori materials are in Spanish as well as in English and are available to children throughout the day. The benefits of having a trained AMI teacher in this role are twofold. First, Spanish lessons are not limited to vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure; they are presented through a variety of subjects. This makes the language experience richer and more relevant for use in daily life. Second, the Montessori-trained adult can seamlessly integrate into the environment without disrupting the rhythm of the work cycle. Speaking only Spanish to the children, she conducts lessons using Montessori materials and also exposes the children to Hispanic culture through song and dance, cooking, art and community outreach.